Wednesday, 23 May 2018

English - One Experience From My Lifetime

After Lunch Fitness - Last Year , Though lunch
breaks were the 20 minutes of fun outside doing
anything we wanted except anything that was bad .
Except start fights and all of that . But anyways ,
After lunch there was something to do before going
into class and just lie there pretending we were dying
after fitness . Either that or it was bragging about getting
there faster than anyone else . But fitness had it’s perks .
One day we would only last 30 seconds before lying on
the ground , the next , We would probably last 5 or 10
minutes doing planks (I only lasted 2 minutes). Every
day somebody would improve something . And we
would have to be proud of that because our teachers
believed that we could do anything . At one point ,
We would have to run around the school block , go
in through the Summerville entrance , and then run
all the way through the gates back to the top courts .
It was struggling . It really was . I tried to prove myself
resilient by trying to keep up with the faster boys that
would always get there before me . Every time I would
slightly improve even by the smallest bit . Even if no
one recognized it I would always because It’s Me
running . Or jogging .

At one point in time , It was just splitting into three
different groups doing our different exercises . One
of them was Wall or ground pushups and Shuttle Runs ,
One of them was Squats and Step ups , The last one was
…. Planks and Star Jumps . I nailed the Squats and the
Step Ups . Sometimes the girls were ashamed of doing
the Squats . I wasn’t . I considered the Squat* an exercise .
Either that or they were too lazy .

Now what does resilience mean to me exactly? Resilience…
To me , Resilience to me meant not backing down or at least
not trying to back down . It also meant going to my limits if I
wanted get something then I had to strive to get it . I wouldn’t
exactly die while doing it . But If that “ Something ” I wanted
was REALLY , REALLY , Precious to me , I would have to do
what it takes not letting anything stop me in the process . Whether
It was getting parent lectures saying that “ I Suck ” or “ You shouldn’t
be doing it anymore ” , I wouldn’t back down if It meant so much .

It is important to be resilient because Getting a bad comment ,
And letting it get to you wanting redemption as in punch them in
the face , You’d probably think this is what’s best for them . But
worry about only yourself not letting negative comments or thoughts
get to your mind . Even if they punch you in the face , Stand your
ground . Maybe a less violent option will do . Standing your ground
is relatable to resilience because you haven’t backed down from anything .
Whether it was a class test , Or a tournament.

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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Social Studies - Return To Tokelau

Returning to Tokelau ... It feels great to return home after years of study, I finally get to return home spending years over seas doing studies spending time away from family to further my own education . I'm sure my family understood . Well . They probably have anyways but had to be certain . Returning home feels great . But It does mean one thing . Loss of WiFi and Internet . I mean , the last bit of WiFi I got was on the plane . I'm gonna miss the WiFi. Unless they have WiFi over there then I'll be fine . But It also means that I have to do a lot of stuff . Cleaning , Cooking and Caring for the rest of the younger ones . But currently , Family is all that matters . I hope getting there will be really , really , fun . I feel that a lot of things are gonna happen there that may change my life . Keyword " May ". Depends on what I do .
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Monday, 21 May 2018

Science : Amoeba Questions

How does an Amoeba Grow? :
They are single-celled organisms
that grow and reproduce asexually,
Replicating through both binary
fission and sporulation.

How does an amoeba move ? :
Amoebas move their body by
changing body from liquid to
solid in the form of pseudopods.
When they want to move their
pseudopods become a liquid
form and then move it into the
direction of travel . After their
pseudopods get to where they
want to go , they harden into a
solid form and their body into a
liquid to let it catch up.

How does an Amoeba
reproduce? Amoebas reproduce
by a process called binary
fission . Meaning that it
splits itself into two Identical

Friday, 18 May 2018

Maths Revision

What have I learned In maths  so far ? For the start of Term 2 , We focused mostly on measurement learning the variations of measurement . One thing I found cool was that there was more than just kilometres , millimetres , and a whole bunch of other measuring things .
 Either way , I discovered KHDDCM . I just made that up on the spot but It meant King Henry Died Drinking Chocolate Milk . Not only that but each first letter stands for a specific metre . Kilo , Hecto , Deca , Deci , Centi , and Milli . Probably add metre to each one and you'll have some units of measurement . 

Then we moved into " Variables " . Variables , To be honest , Is using letters in maths . I think there are only some specific ones . X and Y are the most common ones to be used so use those a lot more I guess . Expressions was at the same time . 
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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Social Studies : Tokelau Character Paragraph : Puka

I chose this man because I think puka
is the type of person that won’t let past
traditions go because he is entirely focused
on not only helping others out , But keeping
the old traditions alive . He is extremely
skilled in Diving and is able to bring
a Impressive amount of fish from under
the sea back to his people to eat .

Despite change and adaptation ,
Puka wouldn’t relinquish the old
traditions trying to keep them alive
so that when it comes time for older
kids , He would be able to teach them
about the ways of old and how to
remain in his view or perspective ,
A “True Tokelauan” .

Often at some points , Puka
would gather other fisherman to
help pull in the fish a lot easier
and faster . Faster because
they use the tide to their
advantage as It pulls in
some good food for them
to eat.

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Social Studies : Tokelauan Character Research : Tolise


Tolise was a person who is a officer
in their police force but living on a
small Island , There was not really
much space for there to be a full
jail So they try to keep the criminals
out of Jail .

One way they do this is try to talk
them out of it . Probably talking
them out of it was their only option
the could actually afford to do .
Tolise is also a mother of her own
son . She also loves her country .
Though they face challenges , She
tries her best to do what she can
to help her home .

When it comes to the council’s decision ,
She does not object or defy ,She only says
“Thank You” and then moves on to continue
with thecouncil’s decision to help them with
whatever situation they have going on .Or
anything else for that matter .
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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Social Studies : Tokelau's Challenges

Tokelau's Challenges :
Tokelau’s population is probably one of the lowest
populations yet . Niue is just ahead by
probably 200 or more people . But In Tokelau’s
situation , They do the best to survive and sustain
themselves by doing the best they can to
provide food for their people.

They even resort to Palangi food (NZ food)
considering the fact that their only full stock they have
is probably a lot of fish . With some of their land
towered over by water , They cannot risk
the lives of the kids so they have to use a
boat to school .

Loss of population probably includes older
kids leaving with a scholarship to pursue their
learning in New Zealand or Australia . Some
older people eventually come back and reside
in Tokelau permanently to help their elders.

And in return , Their elders help them with their
kids if they have any . Really , They are doing their
best to survive . Tokelau’s main goal is to focus on
their next generation doing the best to ensure their
children's future so that when their parents
" Take their leave " (If you get what I mean) ,
The kids would know what to do as grown ups.

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