Monday, 4 December 2017

Coming Up : Summer Learning Journey

Today , The members of the summer learning journey came over once more to give us a heads up on the summer learning journey in the holidays . The summer learning journey is a blogging program for the years 4 to 8 to do in the holidays if we have nothing to do . We have alot of time during the holidays to blog . But since I'm a year 8 , I might not be here to get the award so they're dropping it off to my next school . Tamaki College . For each blog , even comment , we get a number of points . A bonus is if you do a bonus activity , you get 10 points I think . 
It is going to be a really cool program since I have done it before . I hope to win a prize or certificate.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Coming Up : Dine & Dance

Next week wednesday , is probably the last dine and dance the year 8's will get since we are leaving school to head into college soon . This is my second dine and dance and I know what it is like going into dine and dance because I went last year with last year's year 8 students . I wonder if some of my friends are going . I think this year's dine and dance is gonna be really cool . 

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Coming Up : Movie Trip : WONDER

On friday , I think TPS is going to see the movie wonder . For those of you who don't know what Wonder is , Wonder is the story of a young boy with Treacher Collins syndrome . Treacher Collins is the syndrome where children are born without a normal face much like the young boy the story is based on . We're ready for the movie because we've been reading the book for a while before the big day comes where we go to watch the movie which is this week friday . We already know what happens so we get to see the scene's finally happen in a movie based on the book Wonder. Reading Wonder the book , Was a way to prepare us for the actual movie . We've read it for a while so we should all know what happens . I might recognise some quotes that were in the book .


Tomorrow , the Kia Manawanui syndicate after technology  is going to have a picnic at the point england reserve . We get to wear mufti but only at the picnic .Apparently alot of money was raised at the sausage sizzle that happened last week on friday though I wasn't here . This session of technology is going to be the last session for the year I think , so I better get moving quickly If I wanna finish mine and fast.I think it is going to be a great picnic . Hopefully we get to play some sports at the picnic . I think this will be a great picnic for everyone because they get to enjoy themselves at the point england reserve. 

Coming Up : Prizegiving

Next Week , Tamaki Primary is going to have a prizegiving to give out awards to those who worked hard throughout the year . This years prizegiving is going to be a little different . Because It is a whole school prizegiving . It is different because it was just the year 8's that got prizes last year but this year , the whole school is included to get prizes . So I guess not much of the year 8's are getting awards due to everyone else getting an award. But I know that some of my friends are getting awards .  

Mauri : Symbols That Represent Me

Today , We came together with Room 10 for another mauri lesson. But for this time , It was sort of like a drawing lesson because we were doing art today . The art had to represent who we were and what represents our mauri . We had to do signs and symbols for this art part . For my signs and symbols , I had an Idea to draw the samoan flag . The samoan flag to me represented where me and my family had come from .After ,when I saw someone do the polynesian turtle , I decided to draw it as well . The turtle symbol to me represents wellness , union , family and harmony .  That took some time because of the symbols it had inside the turtle . For my next symbol was church symbol . The church symbol represents where I go to learn about god . The third symbol for me was family because without them I wouldn't be here today .  My fourth symbol was a Tamaki Primary School logo but I wrote it my own way . It started from T then it went down to s . I wrote Tamaki Primary School in a different way . Afterwards , Everyone had to present their paper and describe why they chose those symbols and I explained after Mahara I think . We're going to be doing something else related to art which I think was painting on wood.