Thursday, 19 October 2017

Fitness Reflection

Today for fitness , things ran a little differently because , we did not do cross country because we ran around the bike track instead of running around the whole block . We got into our three groups and I was in group one . The first station for my group was with Ms Komor . There we did Walking Lunges and Star Jumps . We did both for one minute and then we moved to the second station where Ms Kyla was and we did Squats and Step ups both for one minute . I did the squats first then the step ups . After that , the last group was Kelly 's . There we had to run around the court and then get back to our team before the girls could . It went on for a while or so , and then we had to come back together so we could split back into our classes and leave . The boys had a little break before they came inside .