Monday, 20 November 2017

Zoo Trip Tommorow !

Tomorrow , Tamaki primary goes to the Auckland Zoo . Not to look at the animals but to learn about them . Our teacher at the Zoo , Is going to be an old teacher me and some other people knew a while back . The teacher was Ms Kirsty . Some teachers that are still here remember her . As Ms Kirsty was a close friend to some of them as she was to me . Ms Kirsty was a great teacher and It would be great to see her again . I'd probably just run up and hug her because it's been a while since I last saw her . Seeing her again would be great for me and some other people .

Kiwisport Reflection : Run , Jump and Throw

IALT : Throw A Shotput 
WALT : Reflect on what we have done at kiwisport 

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Congratulations Benghazi !

Though Friday didn't go as I expected , with me being gone to my older cousin's wedding , I really hoped Tripoli would win the shield since tobruk has won it 2 years in a row . Alamein hasn't won much either . But they held themselves up along with benghazi who to me , actually surprised me with their victory in over about....3 , 4 , 5 Years maybe? . I found out about this by checking aletheia's blog  . To me , Benghazi's win was actually something that surprised me even though I wasn't there . After a long time , Benghazi finally has their name written on the athletics  shield as this year's winners for athletics . Congratulations Benghazi! .

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Athletics Tomorrow

Today , We had a  practice run for athletics tomorrow . After days of practicing , and days of chanting , It's all going to come out between the four house groups Tripoli , Alamein , Tobruk and Benghazi . It's going to be a loud day and I mean really loud . We've spent this week preparing for decorations , and what the day is going to be like . Everyone knows what they're wearing , what their going to do . Overall , Tommorow is gonna be a thrilling day with all the chants , sports and running races going on tomorrow. 

Team Blue ( Tripoli )

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tamaki College Year 8 Day : Final Period : Period 6

For the last period , we were treated to some P.E by tamaki college's Physical education teacher . We had to walk there because the P.E centre was somewhere else . But it was still inside the school . We met our P.E teacher . I forgot his name though . Anyways , The game we played was apparently Samoan Softball . Just like softball but there's one thing . You don't use a bat because you use your hand to hit the ball but luckily , It wasn't an actual softball it was just rubber ball so it didn't hurt hitting it . We sat on the bench so some people could be given bibs . I was one of the people given bibs . Meanwhile , there was alot of people on the non-bib team . Either way , me and my team went their hardest to beat the non-bib team and it was a great game for everyone I bet . Though I wish EVERYONE had contributed . My team had a pretty good record for a small amount of people . Say about.... 6 or 7 people ?  maybe 8? even with help from one of the tamaki college students. Either way , we still won the game even though Vuni's team had more players , we beat them in both running and tagging people . The final score was 15 - 12
My Team Beat them by 15 .

Tamaki College Year 8 Day : Period 4 & 5

After Period 2 and 3 , Came our 4th period which was lunch time . In that time , We got to have subway for lunch time which for me , was a first because I've never had subway before . Until now . Even though it had vegetables I didn't really care unless it had meat so I ate it anyways with the vegetables . For lunch time , We either got to play basketball or rugby .Or stay inside . I stayed outside for a little with Vuni but then we both went outside to enjoy ourselves with the others by playing master which was a basketball game . We enjoyed ourselves for some time until lunch time ended and it was time for us to move onto our next period which was period 5 . For period 5 it was a subject we would probably learn about in college next year which was english . It wasn't a whole " write us a 5 page essay " thing it was just something to get us ready for what it was going to be like next year . But yet again , It was something that was sort of easy . We had to memorise words and write down as much was we remembered . I managed to remember all of them and finish along with 3 other people . Maybe 4 . The next task for these words , was to write down the visual meaning . Writing down what we think it means .It was because we had to prepare ourselves for a story we had to describe the words . At the End Kenneth had the better images to describe his story.